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Parents, it’s critical that understand NUTRITION is the major component in your childrens’ training, no matter their age.

Your kids can train hard, with their team or solo, with their coach, and in the weight room . . . but sports nutrition is EIGHTY PERCENT of athletic success.

The body needs proper fuel to make the athletic moves and reach the goals you’re asking your athletes to perform.
Each nutritional component – fat, protein, carbs, essential liquids – all play a vital role in giving the body its energy, helping it to recover, helping it to build lean muscle mass as it heals, and helping it to rest properly.   There are also injury prevention considerations, and foods/supplements which help the body heal faster from injury.

I was a star athlete with real Olympic potential when my nutrition mistakes landed me in the hospital, derailing my future as a successful athlete.    Because of what I learned, I chose to become a credentials sports nutritionist and am proud to say I’ve worked with many an athlete and sports team (including the pros) to keep them on track.

What your kids eat and drink – and WHEN they eat and drink it – is crucial to their success as athletes.   I don’t have to tell you what that success can translate into:  socially, emotionally or financially.

Left to their own devices, many kids will choose junk food because they’ve been programmed by society, and, frankly, it’s easy and it’s cheap.   It’s up to you to help make an impact NOW, by teaching your kids that sports nutrition is the foundation for athletic success.

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